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How do you calculate the delay times for any BPM and at any value (triplets, dotted, straight, etc.)?

It’s not as difficult as you might think.

In fact, you just need to apply the following mathematical formula:

t = 1 / b

t ” is the delay time.

1 ” corresponds to one minute (60,000 ms).

b ” is the BPM (Beats Per Minute).

This computation will give you the delay time for a fourth note (1/4).

With this data, you can also obtain all the other time values:

1/8: Divide by 2 the 1/4 note value.

1/16: Divide by 2 the 1/8 note value.

Triplet: Multiply the delay value by 0.667.

Dotted: Multiply the delay value by 1.5.

Even if they're basic calculations, to make your life easier, here's a table from

Inside, you’ll find the delay times from 60 to 179 BPM for the most common time values.
Delay Times Table
Furthermore, there is also a free tool where you can enter BPM and values that you do not find in the table.
BPM delay times calculator
I use this table to set the reverb predelay and compressor attack/release time.

Reverb Pre-Delay - Compressor Attack and Release

This way, I get a more natural and cleaner effect within my mixes.

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