Thank God It's Free - Ep. 01

Black Rooster Audio Cypress TT-15 - Free Guitar Amp Head

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Hey, welcome to the first episode of "Thank God It's Free," our weekly series where I show you the best free plugins to edit your samples.

Today I'm going to show you a great free guitar amp plugin called "Cypress TT-15."

This free plugin was created by Black Rooster Audio, a German software company founded in 2016, which designs vintage gear emulation plugins for producing, mixing, and mastering audio.

It's a simple-to-use plugin, with its no-nonsense approach and only six intuitive controls.

You can download "Cypress TT-15" here. 👈

In the video below, I used it on two clean guitars from our sample pack, "Punkstar."

Below I wrote a quick overview of every controls to understand how to get the most of this plugin. 💪

Power: Engages or bypasses the processing altogether.

Output: Toggles between 7 Watts (Low) or 15 Watts (High) output power, between a smooth or a more aggressive compression mode.

Cabinet: Engages or bypasses the 2x12 speaker cabinet simulation.

Gain: Adjust the gain to achieve the tone you‘re looking for. Lower settings will yield cleaner tones, while turning the knob fully clockwise produces heavy distortion.

Tone: The tone filter acts as a roll off for higher frequencies. Turning the knob counterclockwise produces a darker, warmer tone. Turning it clockwise will open up the tone and produce brighter sounding results.

Volume: Adjusts the output level. At higher settings the poweramp will be driven into a gentle overdrive region between input, gain-reduction and output-metering.

OL: Overload indicator LED, lights up in red whenever the instantaneous output level exceeds the 0dBFS mark.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 🤘

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