Thank God It's Free - Ep. 08

Polyverse Wider - Free Pseudo Stereo Widener Plugin


Hey, welcome to the eighth episode of "Thank God It's Free," our weekly series where I show you the best free plugins to edit your samples.

Today I'm going to show you a free pseudo stereo widener plugin called "Wider," by Polyverse.

Utilizing a specialized array of all-pass and comb filters, it creates the illusion of an expanded stereo image of a mono signal to an awe-inspiring degree.

This plugin works as a mono-to-stereo effect, but can also be used as a stereo effect if the two sides of the image are relatively similar.

It's fully mono compatible, meaning that any “widened” signal will always remain in phase with itself. This allows you to produce a deeply rich, remarkably lush stereo image while still preserving the quality of your original signal.

When summed to mono, it simply cancels itself out, leaving your original signal fully intact.

"Wider" has two stages: full stereo is achieved at 100%, and you can go all the way to 200% for a more exaggerated, larger-than-life sound.

You can download "Wider" here. 👈

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at 🤘

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