Mei Vocals 2


Mesmerize your listeners' ears with "Mei Vocals 2." 🎤


Following the success of the best-selling pack "Mei Vocals", we're proud to present volume 2!

"Mei Vocals 2" is designed to give you extremely high-level quality and professional vocals into your music, so if you are looking for catchy vocal loops then this pack is for you!

Suitable for multiple genres including Pop, Future Bass, House, Tropical House, EDM, and Trap, this collection will help to increase and beautify your own tracks by adding the touch that is often missing without vocals.

So simply drag and drop audio files to your projects and start editing and creating your next hit with Mei’s voice.

Everything you need to get started with your next track, so check the demo and grab it!

Remember, you must have fun when you make music!

Please Note: This pack contains vocals only. The Musical & Rhythmic elements are for demonstration purposes only.

All audio files are 100% Royalty-Free.

It means you can use everything in your tracks and release them on your favorite labels without asking our permission. 😎


Vocal Loops


Leads, Harms

One Shots


Phrases, Shouts

Preview the sounds of "MEI VOCALS 2"

Vocal Loops

One Shots

Works with any DAW

Ableton Live

FL Studio 


Logic Pro   


BONUS: Access to Our Discord Exclusive Community

By purchasing "Mei Vocals 2", you'll gain unlimited access to our private Discord server.

Inside it, you can:

✅ Ask for feedback on your WIPs and unreleased tracks;

✅ Promote your songs;

✅ Ask for anything about music production;

✅ Ask for anything about marketing strategies to promote your music;

✅ Download exclusive samples;

✅ Meet other fellow producers;

✅ Share your favorite memes.

These are just some of the benefits you can get by joining our group.

We're constantly working hard to study and bring new content useful to grow all the community members.



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