Ninja Riddim


Ninja Riddim

Everything you need to create your Riddim tracks in one sample pack.

✅ Music Loops ✅ Drum Loops ✅ One Shots ✅ FX


One Shots


Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hats, Percs, Basses, Synths

Drum Loops


Full, Kick&Snare, Tops, Build Ups, Fills

Music Loops


Basses, Guitars, Synths, Plucks, Arps, Pianos, Vocals



Backspins, Fallers, Impacts, Risers, Scratches, Tape Stops

Wanna be a bass boss? Perfect.
This is why we created "Ninja Riddim" 🤘

Hey Riddim warriors, stop fighting the war against sound design because we have something very special for you: “Ninja Riddim”!

The dubstep scene has changed a lot in recent years giving more space to simple rhythms and aggressive sounds, and what was previously only a sub-genre now attracts all followers of bass music: yes, we’re talking about Riddim!

Modern Riddim has some of the most complex sound designs in EDM, and we know how frustrating it is to spend hours and hours on your DAW without coming up with something that makes you feel like a real bass boss.

Don't worry guys, “Ninja Riddim” has all it takes to create something unique and heavy!

Unlike most of the sample packs out there, “Ninja Riddim”’s highlights are the bass one-shots: all sounds have been exported with different LFO rate settings, allowing each single bass sound to be extremely versatile and suitable for the needs of each drop!

Inside this sample pack, you will also find dark melody loops for your breakdowns, stylish drum fills, original FX, metal guitars for Deathstep, and gritty vocals for your pre-drop!

All loops are at 150 bpm: in this way you can shred any loop to create new and personal ones, giving life to your original banger ready to be played on the stage!

Ninja Riddim” is perfect for Riddim producers, but it can also be a source of inspiration for Brostep, Glitch Hop, and Bass House!

For the realization of this pack, our sound designers got inspired by the freshest producers of the riddim scene, such as Kompany, Virtual Riot, Infekt, Moonboy, Bandlez, Jiqui, 12th Planet, FuntCase, Borgore, Megalodon, p0gman, Dubloadz, LAXX, Trollphace, PhaseOne, Crankdat, EH! DE, and many more!

Ready to headbang? Then grab "Ninja Riddim" now!

Remember, you must have fun when you make music!

All audio files are 100% Royalty-Free.

It means you can use everything in your tracks and release them on your favorite labels without asking our permission. 😎

Preview the sounds of "ninja riddim"

One Shots

Drum Loops

Music Loops


Works with any DAW

Ableton Live

FL Studio 


Logic Pro