Distorted guitars and pop-punk riffs mixed with trap grooves and emo moods.
This is "Punkstar". 🎸

Distorted guitars and pop-punk riffs mixed with trap grooves and emo moods. This is "Punkstar."🎸


The new year brings along a bunch of new musical trends: the "genre" is no longer defined and different sounds are merging to give birth to new styles.

Distorted guitars and pop-punk riffs mixed with trap grooves and emo moods are taking the best from the past and rebuilding it all in a modern way!

With “Punkstar” you’ll be ready for all this, and you’ll immediately have the right inspiration for setting up something fresh and crazy!

Choose your fav guitar loop, put up the drums, drag the fattest 808 into the sampler and get down to experimenting: you’ll have your own fresh beat for your singers to listen in no time! 

If your favorite artists right now are Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Aaron, Lil Lotus, MOD SUN, Safehold, Lil Peep, Smrtdeath, Mackned, Familypet, then this pack is meant for you!

Are you ready to break the mold and produce something new?

Stop producing the usual banal beats, take courage and come up with something astonishing – that’s how you become a great producer!

Remember, you must have fun when you make music!

All the vocals heard on the demo track are included in the pack.

All audio files are 100% Royalty-Free.

It means you can use everything in your tracks and release them on your favorite labels without asking our permission. 😎


One Shots


Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percs, 808s, Synths 

Drum Loops


Full, Kick&Snare, Tops, Fills

Music Loops


Guitars, 808s, Synths, Keys, Strings



Fallers, Risers, Scratches, Sweeps



808s, Synths, Keys, Strings

Preview the sounds of "Punkstar"

One Shots

Drum Loops

Music Loops


Works with any DAW

Ableton Live

FL Studio 


Logic Pro   


BONUS: Access to Our Discord Exclusive Community

By purchasing "Punkstar", you'll gain unlimited access to our private Discord server.

Inside it, you can:

✅ Ask for feedback on your WIPs and unreleased tracks;

✅ Promote your songs;

✅ Ask for anything about music production;

✅ Ask for anything about marketing strategies to promote your music;

✅ Download exclusive samples;

✅ Meet other fellow producers;

✅ Share your favorite memes.

These are just some of the benefits you can get by joining our group.

We're constantly working hard to study and bring new content useful to grow all the community members.



Level up your productions today. 👇