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Basses, Synths, Plucks, FX

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We wanted to help you design your own riddim presets.
So we create "WHOMPY"

To all bassheads out there, if your weapon of choice is Serum, we have an arsenal of presets for you: "WHOMPY!"

You will find a huge selection of sounds for Bass Music in it, going from bass presets for your heavier drops to plucks for breakdowns - all carefully designed by the WHOMP duo!

I bet you’ve bought Serum presets a lot of times for improving your tracks, but then you might have realized that the sounds are not how you expected them to be and, above all, that you are not able to customize them because they’re too complicated.

"WHOMPY" arises from the need for having easily customizable sounds and intuitive macros; especially for sounds that don’t require heavy post processing to sound fat!

If you are a Riddim Dubstep producer, these Serum presets are perfect for you, but you can also use them for Hybrid Trap, Bass House and Glitch Hop!

"WHOMPY" contains the freshest sounds of the Riddim scene, as they draw inspiration from artists such as Infekt, Kompany, PhaseOne, Borgore, YOOKiE, Zeds Dead, Eptic, Monxx, Jiqui, 12th Planet, FuntCase, Megalodon, p0gman, Dubloadz, LAXX, Trollphace, and many more!

Listen to the demo track and you will immediately realize the power of these presets!

"WHOMPY" contains Serum presets ONLY - everything else you hear in the demo (drums, vocals etc.) can be found in our sample pack "Ninja Riddim."

Run towards the studio to produce the next banger and be the winner of the Riddim war!

All audio files are 100% Royalty-Free.

It means you can use everything in your tracks and release them on your favorite labels without asking our permission. 😎

All presets are compatible with Xfer Serum V1.309 or later versions.