Groovie drum loops and bouncy basses. This is "Legions." 👇


Tech House has bossily returned to the music scene and, by taking up many elements from the past and with the addition of new sounds and grooves, it became one of the freshest and most current genre of the moment!

This is why younger producers are not satisfied with sounds that belong to the past; they feel the need to renew their libraries with modern and original sounds!

"Legions" is more than just a sample pack - it gives you the right inspiration for creating something new and original: drag a drum loop into your DAW, import a bass one shot into the sampler, and compose your bassline according to your instinct.

Now you just have to chop some music loops to complete your track - you'll soon realize that you've created something new and unique starting from only a bunch of samples!

If you get inspired by artists like Chris Lake, Fisher, Matroda, Pax, Chapter & Verse, Shermanology, Pickle, Redondo, Exce, Meszca, Cleepers, JustLuke, Catch, Subb, then this pack is the perfect fit for you!

“Legions” is great for bringing out the grooviest Tech House ever, but it can also be an excellent source of inspiration for Deep House, Techno, and Bass House!

Remember, you must have fun when you make music!

All audio files are 100% Royalty-Free.

It means you can use everything in your tracks and release them on your favorite labels without asking our permission. 😎


One Shots


Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percs, Basses, Synths 

Drum Loops


Full, Kick&Snare, Tops, Build Ups

Music Loops


Basses, Leads, Synths, Plucks



Uplifters, Downlifters, Impacts, Risers



Basses, Leads, Synths, Plucks

Preview the sounds of "Legions"

One Shots

Drum Loops

Music Loops


Works with any DAW

Ableton Live

FL Studio 


Logic Pro   

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Inside it, you can:

✅ Ask for feedback on your WIPs and unreleased tracks;

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